Here are some amazing people who have great stories about how their lives have changed since joining me. 

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After changing Personal trainers 4 times, I was so glad when I finally found Adela. We have worked together for almost 6 months and she has taught me so much about my own body. Her attention to detail, understanding of my needs and use of targeted and tailored exercises definitely made me come closer to my fitness goal. I can happily recommend Adela to anyone that wants to tone/ lose weight and improve the overall appearance of their body.

Hana Ramezic

Adela is one of the best personal trainers I have come across. Not only does she understand what her clients need from a trainer, she has the ability to understand how an individual’s body works and what it needs from a work out. Adela is also able to give great advice on nutrition and meal plans. If you’re daunted by starting out at the gym, feel stuck in a rut with your current training or even just need someone for support with an ongoing fitness or weight loss plan – she’s the one for you.The results will speak for themselves… Worth every penny.

Heather Armstrong

I first came to Adela as a lifetime of running had taken it’s toll on my body. I needed to change my fitness regime and gain some weight. Straight away I found Adela to be very motivated and upbeat, her positivity is infectious.

Adela comes with a wealth of knowledge on the muscular skeletal system of the human body and will devise a program uniquely tailored to you. She is meticulous about detail and will help you understand how to exercise with correct form. She will break everything down so you know what you are working and why.

Adela’s training is varied and challenging as she finds ways of getting the best out of you. She is encouraging and supportive as she drives you to reach your goals and find your greatness.

Adela never fails to impress me with her knowledge on nutrition and its values. She has encouraged me all the way and given me food plans to help me gain the weight I need to reach my goals.

Work is still is in progress, but I am well on the way to reaching my overall goals and that I can not thank her enough for. My training has now hit a level where I am proud of my achievements. I am strong, I have gained the weight I needed. Adela has helped me achieve what I thought was the impossible. Would I recommend Adela ? Absolutely “YES”

Michael Lloyd

I started to train with Adela after various attempts to go to the gym and train by myself. I had not trained properly nor practiced any sports in years, and the lack of motivation to start training again was a huge problem for me. I realized I did not want to end up going to the gym and train without knowing how to train, without seeing any results, and without pushing myself and see what my limits were.

My goal was – and still is – to become stronger and fitter, looking better from the outside but also feeling better inside. Thanks to Adela, I have found the motivation I had lost a long time ago, and I can see both the way I think and my body shape have considerably improved training session by training session. Now, I am actually looking forward to going to the gym, even when I am tired after many hours spent at work. I adore the feeling a hard session gives me, and it is surprising to learn that my body and my mind can do so many things I never thought I could even start doing.

Training is a journey, and it might take some time to get where you want to. For this reason, I feel I can hugely recommend Adela, as she offered me a consistent support during the past few months and she truly helped me develop my positive thinking and improve my attitude towards exercising.

Vittoria Danieli

Adela is one of the most loveliest and fun personal trainers out there! She is equipped with the knowledge, patience and drive to help her clients achieve their goals no matter how big or small. I love every single session with Adela and no matter how tired or unmotivated I may be feeling at the beginning of our session, I always end up leaving filled with energy and a hunger for more. She is always bubbly and has a fierce work ethic and focus which truly inspires. Her expertise and knowledge of how to train around mobility issues and injuries made her the perfect choice for me. She tailors workouts according to my needs and brings a unique and carefully planned session every time so boredom is never an option. She really is one of the best female trainers I’ve come across and I can’t thank her enough for investing her time in training me.


In June 2017, I arranged an assessment with Adela. Before our meeting she took the time to ask me about my goals,  health conditions etc. When we met, she had the knowledge to help me with my scoliosis and asthma which has never been the case with other personal trainers that I met. I began weekly sessions in July 2017 and decided to increase them to twice a week in December 2017. Since the beginning, I’ve lost about 10 kg and gone from a size 14 (pushing 16 if I’m really honest) to fitting into a size 10 just 2 weeks ago. Adela has been positive, motivational and knowledgeable. She has been supportive yet pushed me to challenge myself. I look forward to each session, although I may complain about being tortured during it. It’s rare to find a trainer that cares and takes an interest in your health goals. I love how it has improved my physical appearance but also my confidence. I would highly recommend her! You cannot find a better trainer!


I originally started training with Adela to lose weight for my wedding. I’d never really been to a gym before and was very unfit and overweight – and I was really intimidated because I had no idea how to even make a start! Adela was so supportive and kind from the get go. She tailored my training plan and diet so I was always improving and she kept me constantly motivated and on track. Working with Adela allowed me to hit my target weight just before the big day and I felt really happy and confident in my dress. I’ve gained so much from training with Adela – I found things to do in the gym that I really enjoy and I actually like going now! And I’m happier, more confident and fitter than ever before – doing things that I never thought I’d be able to do a year ago! If you want to make a change but don’t know where or how to start I would 100% recommend working with Adela – she’s really changed my attitude to fitness and health and I feel a million miles better for it.

Vikki Julian

Adela is an excellent trainer who considers the needs of individual clients and develops tailored plans to meet those needs. I had not had a trainer in several years due to a bad experience but Adela has made training enjoyable and has responded to the difficulties I faced with my first trainer by developing a diverse and engaging programme for me. I have also found her nutritional advice and support invaluable and I would highly recommend her services.

Benjamin James O’Connor

I’m not sure I can put into words how brilliant Adela is and just how much she has done for me. I’ve been training with Adela for 10 months now and I hope that will continue for some time yet.

I’ve suffered miscarriages in the past and I’ve found training has helped give me the kick-start I needed and its kept me going and focused through the tough moments. Now again in early stages of pregnancy and not only has Adela drawn on her wealth of knowledge she has taken the time to research each stage thoroughly, she is always careful to make sure I never do anything that may cause harm.

Adela has been a great source of advice and reassurance. She is extremely motivating and a genuinely kind person, while keeping me on track and giving me that extra push when I need it. She even knows when it’s time to bring out the boxing gloves let me get all my frustrations of the day in the office out!

I genuinely look forward to each session as we always have a laugh and seeing great results makes it all so worthwhile. Every session is different. Adela has a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise and she listens to me and focuses in on my priorities, devising a continually changing and challenging programme which always seems more fun than hard work.

Adela is so much more than a personal trainer! She is so professional, supportive and motivational. I cannot recommend her enough!


“Adela has trained me for three years and has helped me through a number of health problems. I’m now fitter than I have been for a long time. She tailors the program perfectly to the individual.”


I started training with Adela in January 2017. At the time I was recovering from a shoulder injury and trying to get myself back into a training routine. I was finding it hard to motivate myself and was uncertain of my strength and what movements I could and couldn’t do with my shoulder.

Working with Adela, she not only helped me focus on strengthening my shoulder but also allowed me to work towards improving my overall fitness – working within my capabilities but also pushing me to work harder to achieve my goals.

Adela is flexible and can build training sessions around your requirements – concentrating on one body part or put you through an overall body workout. Adela also structured my sessions to compliment my training when I returned to Crossfit.

Adela is attentive and quick to give you pointers to improve your technique so you get the most from your training. She also provides me with great nutrition advice and excellent stretching routines for post workout recovery. You can tell that Adela is passionate about what she does and this passion is infectious – I always finish a PT session not only feeling that my body has been through a thorough workout but also positive and motivated.

I would definitely recommend Adela as a Personal Trainer. Abs tight !!!

Noel Delahunty

I have been training with Adela for 3 years.  Our sessions are challenging and fun, and Adela is a great companion to spend an hour with. My fitness & strength keep increasing, I sleep better, have hardly any back pain and my mood is much improved.

James Griffin