Adela Stingaci was born in the small Romanian city of Tulcea.  She was brought up in a healthy and sporty family environment and, by her teens, had developed a keen interest in many sports including kickboxing, handball, and running.

She attended Babes Bolyai University where she studied sports science and gained an Honours Degree in kinesiology, the science of body movement.

Following her degree, Adela moved to London to pursue a career in the fitness industry and today she can be found working as a personal trainer for Fitness First.

Training with Adela is a fun and challenging journey. Her no-nonsense attitude to a balanced fitness programme will help you achieve your end goal. Whether you want to improve your fitness, lose weight, or just tone-up, Adela has a programme especially for you.

Adela will also help with your confidence by showing you how to recognise your true strength and self-worth. Her positive and supportive attitude will encourage and motivate you, whatever hurdles you may come up against.

As a qualified nutritionist recognised by the AFN  (Association for Nutrition) Adela takes pride in encouraging her clients to realise their health potential by educating them about the importance of nutrition during their fitness journey, whether that be through weight loss or building muscle. She will help with meal plans and encourage you to understand the significance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.