What is online training?

            Online training is another efficient way to work towards your goals. It doesn’t matter where you live or train because my online training is tailored to your lifestyle and environmental demands in mind.

               My online training programs will push you and motivate you to build strength and stamina while burning fat through HIIT workouts and bodyweight training workouts and seeing results in the first month of the program.

You’ve probably tried different workouts with consistency but after a while,  you lost your motivation. This is a common fault. One of the reasons why so many people lose their motivation is because they don’t have a direction, a goal to work towards and a plan to achieve that goal.

           Using my  10 years of experience as a qualified strength and conditioning coach and nutrition coach, I have helped hundreds of people with different fitness goals and levels of motivation to overcome their struggles. This helped me understand that getting fast results is essential in people’s desire to continue a training routine, but sometimes, fast results are not what we need. Building healthy habits is the first step.




This is how your transformational journey starts

Step 1


Make the first step get in touch and I’ll take care of you from there

Step 2

Free Online video consultation

A 30 min video call where we focus on your ‘why’ as this is the most important element of your motivation. We will also talk about your lifestyle, aims, goals, expectations, and some of the barriers that have previously hindered your progress to date.

Step 3

Training assessment

Based on your assessment, together we develop a detailed personalised workout plan that is prescribed with the safest, most effective exercises in mind.

Step 4

Nutrition questionnaire

Great nutrition is essentially the foundation of any successful lifestyle plan. If you choose to include this within your online training, the results will certainly come much quicker. Following an extensive questionnaire around your eating habits and lifestyle, detailed meal plans can be agreed upon.

Step 5

Weekly reviews

The key to success is having external motivation, support, and education from a highly qualified professional along the way.  Weekly review communications will help you keep focused and motivated to stay on track.

Step 6

Work hard to get the results we want

With consistency and patience everything can be achieved. All the help you need is here . Regardless of progress, changing your routine is an essential part of moving forward to achieving those all important goals. Therefore free updates come as standard as part of your online journey.

Frequently asked questions:

How soon can I see the results?

Consistency is the key in getting the results you want. Following the daily training program and the nutritional information, you would be able to see the results in the first month.

What if I have an injury?

I have trained many people with injuries and I can definitely tell you that your training life is not finished. After getting your doctor’s approval, there are plenty of alternatives that can work with your type of injury. Just head over to the Facebook group and ask me for help. In case you need a more personalised approach, just get in touch and we can build a training program to suit your needs.

Will it work if I have never worked out?

We all have to start somewhere but everything gets better through practice. By watching the videos carefully and reading the description details, you’ll understand how to perform the exercises correctly.

Practice few reps before you start going into the workout. Don’t look for perfection. Record your technique into the app and I’ll be able to have a look and guide you.

My “12 weeks stronger” training program starts with bodyweight exercises which can be adapted to each fitness level. Just add your results into the notes section and I’ll be able to see where you’re at and guide you to overcome your struggles.

What if I don’t have the motivation?

Motivation comes from seeing results, from working towards our goals and following a consistent routine. Let’s imagine you’re 3 weeks into the program and you’ve lost 2kg would you feel the motivation to continue? Remember, how much math would you have been able to learn with only one hour a week?Not too much. Be consistent and try to make better choices every day.