12 Weeks Weight Loss

                                I hear you. At this point you might feel confused and demotivated, you’ve been eating healthy, but with no positive outcome when it comes to weight loss.

                 The number one reason why people lose motivation and stop being consistent is that they find training programs and diets too difficult or less interesting.

When people think about diets they imagine restrictions, no eating out, no watching a movie with a bag of popcorn , no birthday cakes.

When people think about training, they imagine 7 days a week of high intensity workouts.

This is where you might start feeling you don’t own your life

And the reason why my program is different because it allows you to have the control of your life and your weight loss journey.

The reason why it works it’s because weight loss it’s not just diet and training, it’s much more than that, it’s mindset, it’s motivation, it’s stress management and how this can jeopardize your results.  I combine this information in my program as my secret recipe to your hapiness and confidence and I know it works as my clients who followed my program got excellent results.

When you sign up you’ll get:

  • Weekly  Group Coaching calls 
  • Mobile app for easy access to your program
  • Access to your own smooth and easy to use Private Members Area 
  • Your personalised training program delivered straight to your app and members area
  • Videos and descriptions of each exercise included in your program
  • Sets, reps, rests are all set-up for you
  • Weekly nutritional coaching
  • Low calories meal recipes 
  • Track your daily and weekly progress though simple and efficient check in’s via your app and members area
  • Support through  my Facebook community

This program will offer you all the BENEFITS you need to succeed:  consistency, accountability, motivation, results and education.

  • Consistency – Having a structured training routine in place so you won’t waste time thinking what exercises to do or rushing through a workout
  • Weight loss results – we all know that one size doesn’t fit all, that is why the personalised approach of my training program and nutrition coaching will bring your weight down and keep it that way
  • Accountability – because progress keeps us motivated is very important keep the track of it. You don’t have to worry about it as I’ll be there to help you with it.
  • Motivation  – I know motivation is very important that is why our group coaching calls and weekly check-ins are there to share your high and lows
  • Education –  by using the videos and exercise description (instructions) you will understand how your body works and how to perform the program with the best technique. In this way you’ll discover muscles you never thought you have. This is what my clients always say.
  • Nutrition – we are going to Re-evaluate your eating habits and take the approach that suits your lifestyle