ONE-to-ONE Training

Together we can achieve more. Whether you are new to the gym or a regular, the benefits of personal training are well documented.

It’s educational knowledge is essential in understanding what exercises are efficient and compatible with your fitness goals whilst ensuring that the risks associated with any pre-existing medical condition are taken into consideration.  Having an expert on hand to answer all your questions is invaluable.

Help with your unique requirements – I understand that everyone is different when it comes to exercise. I take into account all aspects – lack of confidence, phobias of certain training, your limiting beliefs, old injuries, time constraints or lack of internal motivation – to help you achieve your goals.

Help to set realistic goals – everyone wants to achieve their goals in the fastest possible time, but getting the timescales wrong can be very demotivating and can stop you believing in yourself. My aim is to work with you to get a realistic starting point, setting in place an agreed plan and taking small incremental steps of progress towards your biggest goal.

Maximise results in the shortest amount of time, making your workouts time efficient – every second of every minute of every hour spent in the gym is crucial to your success. You may have a busy life, a stressful job and sometimes going to the gym your focus is not on the training, so valuable time and energy can be lost.  My aim is to keep you focused, whilst relieving stress through making your workouts fun, yet effective.

Improve your technique – poor technique is the main reason behind lack of results, and in some cases can lead to minor or even major injuries that can really set you back. I will be side by side with you to show you the best form possible to focus on targeting the intended muscle groups in every single rep in order to maximise your results. This is even more important when you’re getting tired and the risk of injury is increased.

I challenge you and push you beyond your perceived limits – only you are in the way of our own success. Together, we will work to overcome your fears and barriers to success by building up your confidence to do and achieve things you never thought possible.

I will hold you accountable for your own success – how many times did you find an excuse to miss a gym session that you planned?  If you’ve made an appointment to meet me, you’re far more likely to go, rather than just telling yourself you should go to the gym.

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