Pre and Post Natal Training

              Pregnancy is a very exciting part of a woman’s life. Yet it can also be a very stressful emotional time. Your life is changing, your body is changing and you start to worry: I can’t control my cravings; I’m gaining too much weight, I can’t go to the gym anymore as I don’t know what exercises are safe to do and what are not. Do I have to say goodbye to my favorite HIIT class or my favorite cycling class? There are so many “can I can’t I” questions.

How I can help you

As a qualified professional in pre and post-natal exercise, I can help by giving you the confidence to ensure that you’re safe and effective in your exercise routine, as well as in your everyday life, so it’s one less thing to worry about. There are many evidence based benefits of exercising during pregnancy, which may prevent gestational diabetes, relieve stress, improve posture, increase energy, reduce chances of injury and illness, control blood pressure, increase confidence and wellbeing, increase stamina needed for labour and delivery and improve post-natal recovery times as well as getting prepared from using muscles you may not of used before when lifting and handling a baby or pushing that buggy with your shopping bags.

More about the sessions

I’m passionate about pre and post-natal exercise and my personal training sessions are motivating, fun and help get you into the shape you desire while keeping your baby safe. With my professional support, programming regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture and decrease the common discomfort such as backaches and fatigue, but also bringing you back in shape in a safe way after pregnancy.

If you’re already a busy mum, you have a busy job or you’re just not feeling comfortable training in a gym, I have good news, we can also train in the comfort of your house. Home training can also be ideal for mums who don’t want to or can’t, leave their baby in someone else’s care.