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I’m a highly qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach, also specialized in weight loss, rehabilitation and pre and post natal training, based in Central London as well as the Kings Lynn and West Norfolk area.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” J.F. Kennedy

Someone once said, “Every successful person started with a dream”. We all have dreams and goals when it comes to fitness – dreaming of wearing that great dress you haven’t worn for 2 years, to have a six pack, to walk up to the sixth floor, or just to feel happy In our own body – but very often we don’t believe in our dreams, till someone offers us that push, that motivation we were craving.

I was there, I had that dream to look good, to feel good in my own body. My friend Ada and I used to run every day, eating almost nothing thinking that that that would help us lose weight and look like models!

This was more than 10 years ago. Then I decided to start studying Sports Science and became a qualified Kinesiologist. Getting help from a professional in my fitness journey was a decision that changed my life. It boosted my confidence and helped me achieve my dreams. Then, my goal changed and helping others in their journey became my purpose. Nothing has brought me more happiness than seeing a picture of one of my clients jumping up and down on her bed when she finally fit in her black dress!

Every journey has its ups and downs – but with hard work nothing is impossible…and I am here to help.

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